Screenplay Registered WGA #1063617
Motion Picture Treatment
Mark W. Gray

GENRE: Comedy
LOCATION: Los Angeles
PROBABLE RATING: R (Nudity, Language, Sex, Adult Situations, Brief Violence)

Valley of Sin is the story of GARY FRASIER, a family man living in the San Fernando Valley with his long suffering wife, DIANE, and his kids, COSMO (7) and EMILY (3). In spite of Gary’s significant skills and talents, he just can’t seem to make a living in Hollywood as a Cinematographer. He’s buried in Credit Card Debt, even more than most people in America, and he needs a way out fast. - He stumbles into the opportunity to direct a porno film, shooting in his own house during the day while his kids are at school and his wife is at work. It’s a web of comic possibilities, mistaken identities, and near misses. And the moral of the story is that it’s impossible to “Sell Out”. Because no matter how low you go, you’re still going to kill yourself to make the project good if you’re an artist.

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