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Kind words from friends and fans. Re: Cannes 2005

I had a look at "Science!" online and I thought it was great. -Janet

Congratulations on all the success of your films. Its Renata...

Good luck Mark! And congratulations on your accolades! See you in August- beth

I am so glad to have been on your "spam" list.  Congrats on the distribution and on the new short. - Tom Hall

Nice to see your career is developing and I hope it explodes like a nova in the coming year... Best, John (Paval...)

Congratulations, Mark, was happy to hear from you!! - Alex B.

Congrats. And good luck. I voted (votez). Hope you win the camera! And, I showed the short SCIENCE! to my whole class!

Great little film - that was a Northwestern project?  Did you actually shoot at an airport concourse?   You and your filmmaking kids rock! Very impressive film.  Great storytelling.  And great production values.  -K. Ennis

You are so rock and roll dude, Like, You are touching-up your own photos- or you don't age. Do you have a agent hunting around for you? - C. Kaplan

Congrats on the 24hr challenge thing. Shows quality will out even if under trying circumstances. -PW

Congrats Mark! You rock, as usual. -Susan

I'm ecstatic and so happy for you.

It was good to see you. You give good vibes and strong energy. I'll get back to you by next week to send you an update and my thoughts about your new films. Have a good and safe trip back in the States. Best, Sylvain - Talantis

Enjoyed your new film, thanks for updating me on Cannes. -Victoria Jorgensen

It was good to see you in Cannes, albeit briefly, and I hope you had a good, and productive, time. I will make sure I watch 'Science' and hopefully we can put it in this year's programme. Just to let you know, The Morning Guy will be part of our selection of shorts that will go on the Tiscali at the very end of June -Oli

It's so great to hear from you! It seems like you've been very busy and doin' great. M. Malley

To say it was fantastic to meet you would be an understatement!

I went on your website: it's a very good idea! ... I have watched your film "Science" and I found it really great, very original!!!

Dear Mark love - so so happy to have met you..- getting to know you, getting to like you! It was indeed fun.. you are a terrific person and i hope to see you before the next festival. take care of you! and talk soon - bisous, Jen

How wonderful to get your email... I read your first caption at Paris airport after 36 hours and I laughed out loud. I look forward to seeing the rest of your blogg but it is time to get to the clients office. What a great treat to receive your email!!!!! -Devon John Landau

Cool site man, well done - All the best -Richard Deakin (Crazy welsh jack kerouac biopiccer)

Thank you for the wonderful pics, Lovely to meet you, hope Cannes was fruitful for you and that the shorts went down well. You are right it is all about networking so we should keep in touch for sure. All the best - Barbara D'Alterio

So glad to have met you this year in Cannes. I don't beleive I made you photo diary but it is an awsome idea. -Reba

Once met never forgotten – man I don’t need a photo to see those TM glasses, beard and Wellesesque physique. Good to meet you again, I’ve shown your reel to everyone I can think of who’d appreciate it. Love that morning guy! I hear from Tom that you and he might be getting into bed together on a project (you Americans can be so coy). Keep me informed I’m looking to get involved in something worthwhile and have many skills and some cash ($$$$$) I can contribute. Let me know what you have up your sleeve and we’ll see.

It was lovely meeting you and its quite wonderful of you to post all those pics so those of us lazy-butt people with no camera can enjoy the visual memories too. -Joanna

The photos on your site are great! Thanks for sending the link. Glad you had a successful trip, see you at the next one! -Rachel

I must say I really admire your website. You have done a great job with that! ... You are right, Cannes is all about networking, I will try to keep you updated on what's going on in the film industry of Sweden. Kindest Regards - Lizette Jonjic
you are a love! - Jennnifer

Well...I must say, I am one of your 'fan-base' ;-)

I didn't want to add to your inbox pile-up while in Cannes but will now happily tell you that your website is the most fabulous online festival coverage I've ever seen! You are one of the most impressively productive people I know. My favorite thing is your Cannes "Pronunciation Guide." Brilliant. ... Congrats on another wild success -- you rule. -Melissa

Babu here from Delhi, India. I enjoyed ur regular updates. U r an amazing person...i alwys read. And Iam very happy for u. And please convey my one billion plus Indian greetings to all ur family members and friends. Bye and regards -Babu     

I visited your web site , it's really cool. ... I was very happy to see you again Mark, and I hope to see you around next year !best, Magali

Just a quickie to say 'Wow'. How on earth did you manage to put all that together so quickly? I'm so glad you're out there making sense of it all and it was really, really lovely to meet you. ... Thanks for putting me on your list. I Love the piccies. lots of love and speak soon, Helena x